Folks fed up with speeders, hit-and-runs in Hopewell neighborhood

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HOPEWELL, Va. -- Residents who live one Hopewell neighborhood are asking police for help after a fence, vehicles and even a house were stuck by drivers.

Residents who live along Western Street, Kenwood Avenue and Maple Street said drivers who speed and run stop signs are a big part of the problem.

Neighbors say drivers blow through this stop sign.

Neighbors say drivers blow through this stop sign.

In fact, one driver ran into Roger Houser's home on Marple Street on April 30. He said the person backed up and drove away, leaving $4,500 in damages.

"The car actually jumped the curb and ran into the house," Houser said. "There's no sign of brake marks, looked like they backed out and went out the neighbor's driveway."

Last summer, there was another hit-and-run across the street that caused $5,000 in damage to Alan Dodd's wife's car

"The middle of the night, somebody came and rear-ended the back of her car and then backed away and took off," Dodd said.

Roger Houser shows off the hole a vehicle left in his home.

Roger Houser shows off the hole a vehicle left in his home.

William Pate said it is time police step in and try to slow down speeders and those who blow through stop signs.

As a result, Hopewell Police brought out their speed trailer and set it up Friday morning.

The trailer has a radar gun and digital sign that let's drivers know how fast they are going.

Police Chief John Keohane said marked units will step up patrols in the area as well as run radar in an effort to slow down drivers.

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