Parents get creative in effort to save son’s life

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ARCADIA, California -- Eddie Beal is living with kidney failure. It's a condition that could kill the California toddler if he does not get a kidney transplant.

Eddie's parents are not B+ blood types, so are not a match to help save their son.

As the desperate search for a match continues, the Beals got creative.

They created a sticker to put on cars driving around their Southern California community.

"Over 50 emails in the last week," Edward Beal told CBS2 in Los Angeles.

Doctors in California said the waiting list for a kidney in that states is years long. The demand outweighs the supply.

"In this year so far, there’s been only 13 transplants done in children under 18, which is startling," Dr. Rachel Lestz said. “And here at Children’s where we normally do 20 to 25 a year, we’ve only done one transplant this year.”

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