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Local EMT continues life-changing journey to shed 400 pounds

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Richard Widmark is an EMT trained to save lives. Just over a year ago he began a journey to save his own life.

At 38-years-old, he weighed close to 700 pounds.

There were times he said he considered suicide but when he turned to yoga his life began to change.

He received a lot of support after he started documenting his journey on social media.

CBS 6 wanted to check in with him again and went to see him at a local American Family Fitness center.

 Richard Widmark

Richard Widmark

Richard says he actually doesn't do much yoga anymore but that he goes to the gym six times a week.

He works four days with a personal trainer and goes two days on his own.

Richard has knocked off 102 pounds since we last saw him in April 2015, but wants to lose a total of 400 pounds.

He also wants to be able to lift more weight.

Richard Widmark

Richard Widmark

Richard said his biggest challenge has been consistency with dietary habits, but he makes sure not to miss a day at the gym.

“Coming to the gym gives me a confidence like I've never had in my life,” he said. “ I walk taller now, when I’m in the gym, random people come up to me and notice my weight loss and tell me I’m looking good, so that gives me more confidence to talk to people in general."

He said his biggest piece of advice for people working towards a healthy lifestyle like him is simply to try something.

He said he saw the biggest change when he stopped making excuses.