Track Storms in Virginia

Speeding ticket leads to counterfeit bill bust in Sussex

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SUSSEX, Va. -- The crime ring spans across central Virginia, with numerous area stores targeted by alleged counterfeiters. They spend money that has been passed on to unsuspecting victims and hurt local businesses.

The counterfeit ring allegedly spread their fake 50s and 100 dollar bills across central Virginia, from large department stores to small convenience stores, restaurants to drug stores and full-service gas stations.

Criem Ring bust

At the A.M. Express in Hopewell, employees are all too aware of the counterfeiters.

"We never get that money back, comes out of our pockets, unfortunately it's something we've been dealing with the past couple of years,” Michael Miranda, A.M. Express employee.

"It's pretty tough because they're getting the merchandise, plus we're losing the money, the profit, everything,” said Frank Montalbano, Chamberlayne Farms Sunoco.

Brittany Miles is the latest to be arrested and named in the indictment. She was pulled over in Sussex County, allegedly doing 89 mph in a 70 mph zone.


Brittany Miles

Deputies confiscated both counterfeit and valid U.S. currency from Miles. Both Miranda and Montalbano were glad to hear the news.

Both Miranda and Montalbano were glad to hear the news.

David Bogese and his family run several small businesses, and said the counterfeiters threaten their livelihood.

"It's tough on a small business when you live day to day depending on that constant cash flow,” Bogese said.

His businesses now incorporates a device which takes just seconds to use and its intended to eliminate the acceptance of bogus bills.

Counterfeit cash

"I strongly recommend it, especially when it's vital to not accept those counterfeit bills, it's a very good device and just about accurate all the time,” Bogese said.

The fake bills not detected during the transactions are usually discovered by the businesses’ bank when they make a deposit.

Other times it’s the customers who are given the change. And the customer discovers the counterfeit bill when they go to pay at another store.

Miles remains behind bars in Sussex County.

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