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Mother Duck annually walks brood through school to nest

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Mother ducks and ducklings have been on the move this spring and one mother and her brood got an assist from a local school Monday.

Students watch as ducks cut through the school

Students watch as ducks cut through the school

For the past 30 or so years, a mother duck makes its nest in a walled courtyard at Ken-O-Sha School, which is a very safe place for a nest.  The problem is, to get the ducklings out of the nest and to the water, the ducks have to get through the school.

Every year, the mother duck starts tapping on a window or a door and staff have figured out what they need.  The prop open the doors and let the mother duck and the ducklings waddle through the school and out through the parking lot where they can get to a nearby stream.


Ducks head to the stream

This year, there are three nests and Monday, mother duck #1 walked her crew through the school.  The other two are expected in the next couple weeks.

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