Eighth graders dunk principal all day as a reward for hard work

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va -- Students at Carver Middle School are being rewarded for their hard work in the classroom by dunking their principal in a pool of water.

Students in the eighth grade classes are preparing for SOLs and other year-end exams. To encourage them to finish the year on a strong note, Principal John Murray is letting them dunk him on Thursday and Friday.

Principal dunking

"As part of their review incentive, I was offered up as a sacrifice to their learning and success. And really, that's the real story, the kids doing well in the classroom," Murray said.

"We think it matches what happens in the real world. We're incentivized to come to work with a paycheck. " Murray said.  "I think student learning should be incentivized as well. They should be rewarded for hard work."

Eighth grader

The dunking event takes place over two days to give all the school's 300-plus eighth graders a chance to take part.