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The history and mystery of the oldest – and little known – house in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Are you familiar with the Patteson-Schutte House off Westower Drive near Forest Hill Avenue?

It is said to be the oldest frame house, and the oldest existing frame structure, in Richmond at almost 260 years old.

This somewhat strange house at 5613 Kildare Drive is believed to have been built on William Byrd II's vast estate, which was basically all of Richmond.

Much more recently, the developer who bought the house and much of the surrounding area to build a subdivision, planned to tear it down. It had been significantly modified, including aluminum siding on the roof!

5613 Kildare Drive

The Historic Richmond foundation saved it in 2006, buying it and partially restoring it before selling it in 2011, maintaining historic easements.

Needless to say, it's a big task trying to maintain that history.

No, the old house doesn't seem to be haunted, said a current resident.

"It does make a lot of crazy noises," Katy Sedia said.

Come take a tour, and check out the mysterious and overgrown cemetery - associated with the old estate - hidden behind some of the subdivision's homes.