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MANNFORD, Okla. -- A surveillance camera captured a quick-thinking school bus driver in Oklahoma save a young boy from choking.

Video shows the 5-year-old gasping for air his driver, Ginger Maxville, realized something was terribly wrong.

Maxville, who said she heard a student say the boy swallowed a coin, quickly grabbed the boy and performed the Heimlich maneuver.

“I heard it hit the floor and then I seen it rolling. I said, ‘We got it,’” she said. “I don`t deserve a lot of credit. It was just God working through me.”

Apparently, the child swallowed a penny.

“Don't you do that again,” Maxville can be heard saying in the video. “You scared me to death. Thank the Lord you are OK."

She then gives him a hug.

Maxville said the young boy asked to keep the penny. She gave it back to him after he promised to never swallow another coin again.

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