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Motel owner arrested for failing to stop Ashland drug dealers

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ASHLAND, Va. -- The owner of the Apple Garden Inn, off Interstate 95 in Ashland, was arrested and charged with Maintaining a Drug Nuisance after he failed to put an end to drug dealing on his property, according to Ashland Police.

Sharad Amin, 69, of Macon Circle, was arrested Tuesday.

"The [several-month-long] investigation determined that there has been an escalation of illegal drug use and distribution occurring at the Apple Garden Inn," Ashland Police spokesman Officer Chip Watts said. "Despite notifications to management and efforts to assist ownership in reducing these occurrences, arrests at the motel involving narcotics continued."

Sharad Amin (PHOTO: Ashland Police)

Sharad Amin (PHOTO: Ashland Police)

Watts said the drugs of choice at the property were narcotics -- like cocaine and heroin.

While Amin was not accused of making or selling drugs, Watts said the motel owner was arrested because the situation there had not improved over the years.

He said the arrest stems from incidents that date back two years.

It is the first time, Watts could recall, an Ashland motel owner had been arrested on these charges.

Motel resident George Banks, Jr., 42, was arrested earlier this year on distribution of narcotics charges.

George Banks, Jr. (PHOTO: Ashland Police)

George Banks, Jr. (PHOTO: Ashland Police)

"This arrest continues to represent the commitment made by this agency to our residents that we will not tolerate drug distribution and other crimes of disorder that threatens the quality of life of our community and safety of our children," Ashland Police Chief Douglas Goodman said.

Watts said the drugs sold at the motel were distributed in the Hanover community.