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Travelers hesitant after fatal Greyhound shooting

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A makeshift memorial honors the Virginia State Police trooper who was shot and killed inside the Greyhound bus station in Richmond Thursday afternoon.

The flowers and ribbons are a constant reminder of the tragic events that unfolded inside of the building one day after the station reopened after the deadly shoot out.

"I think it's unfortunate," said traveler Cory Johnson.

Johnson said even after what happened he feels safe because he has traveled by bus in the past.

"They need to have some type of metal detectors or something at every bus station," Floyd Beavers Jr. , another passenger said.

Inside Richmond's Greyhound terminal Saturday.

Inside Richmond's Greyhound terminal Saturday.

There were several security guards as well as Richmond police officer manning the station Saturday, but there were not present long enough to comfort Beavers as he waited to catch a bus to his destination.

"Their presence was here at first, but I don't see them now. It's like they disappeared. I don't know what to think," Johnson said. "I'd pay an extra $10 or $20 to feel a little bit safer. I mean it wouldn't bother me none."

Management at the Greyhound station said the public can expect to see extra security here at the station over the next couple of days After that, they will reassess the situation and decide what course of action to take next.

State Trooper Chad Dermyer was killed in the line of duty while on a training exercise at the bus station Thursday. The shooter, James Brown III, was also killed.

Two female passengers were also injured.

WTVR CBS 6 spoke exclusively with Dominique Campbell, who was suffered three gunshot wounds to her legs.

“Eventually, I know it's going to hit me. But since I've been here. They help me to kind of forget,” Campbell said as she began to cry.

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