Police arrest man accused of burning car, woman still missing

State Police reminding Virginians to be alert to suspicious activity

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Three explosions ripped through the Belgian capital of Brussels on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 killing dozens of people and wounding over 170 more, according to Belgian media. This is a picture released by Belgian Police of suspects in the Belgium attacks.

RICHMOND, Va. — While U.S. and state officials agree there is no specific, credible threat on U.S soil, Virginia State Police is warning residents to stay vigilant after Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the three separate explosions that struck the city during rush hour at an airport and a metro station. The coordinated attacks killed at least 30 people and wounded about 230 more.

“Vigilance is essential in detecting and deterring suspicious activity of all kinds within our communities,” said Col. W. Steven Flaherty, Virginia State Police Superintendent. “The Virginia State Police is always committed to working closely with our local, state and federal public safety partners in protecting those living, working and visiting our Commonwealth. But, we can’t do it alone. Therefore, we are simply reminding our citizens to maintain a level of awareness and report any suspicious activity you might find alarming or of concern.”

Virginia State Police are also reminding residents to download the “See Something. Send Something,” mobile app to report suspicious activity.

The free app notifies law enforcement of criminal activity by snapping and sending a photo or texting a message. Click here to see how it works.

In addition, Virginians traveling across the state can expect to see overhead message boards advising motorists to, “Report any suspicious activity. Dial #77.” The travel advisory will run statewide through Thursday, March 24.