Woman killed in mattress crash

Why police are asking you to stay away

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APPOMATTOX, Va. -- A February tornado outbreak is certainly unusual, but the type of devastation which pummeled Virginia is rare -- despite the season. The National Weather Service has confirmed so far that seven tornadoes struck Virginia.

It's such a rare disaster that people have been driving around, awestruck, to take in the sheer amount of destruction.

Appomattox County officials are now  pleading for people who don't have a reason to be there, to stay away.

Over the past two days, a number of people have showed up just to take a look at the damage, but the county says that's making life stressful for emergency workers. It's not just about securing personal belongings and keeping the roadways clear for workers, but it's a safety issue.

Especially since some of the buildings that were damaged have major structural issues.

Right now, emergency officials, insurance assessors, residents, volunteers and media are approved to be in the affected areas. Some areas still have a curfew in place.