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RICHMOND, Va. -- Drivers in Central Virginia have started to complain about numerous pot holes on roadways, especially since January's big snowstorm. Now, VDOT says they are taking action on one of the biggest problem areas, the Powhite Parkway.

"I hate them," said driver Tommy Moss, "they typically have the tendency to destroy my truck."

They're all over the roads in the area, but some drivers told CBS 6 the potholes are especially bad along the Powhite Parkway near the Chippenham exit going Northbound.

CBS 6 crews saw the potholes first-hand Monday afternoon.

Potholes Powhite 2

"You gotta be careful when you come up on them, because they could really prove to be a bad thing, a terrible accident could come out of it," said another driver.

VDOT Spokeswoman Lindsay LeGrand said they have gotten reports from drivers in that area about the potholes.

LeGrand said there are long term and short term plans to fix the issue.

"We're going to be repairing some potholes the rest of this week, and we'll also be having a resurfacing project later this Spring," said LeGrand.

Potholes Powhite

She said it's important for drivers to keep a safe distance from other cars.

Still, some drivers out on the roads said it's a hazard if you come across one on a busy road.

"If you try to avoid one suddenly, you could cause an accident and that's not a good thing," said Moss.

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