Police Chief Alfred Durham responds to citizens’ questions

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham's one-year anniversary as chief is February 21. To mark the occasion, he reached out to the community Friday for a question and answer session.

Violent crime is down 15 percent for the first time in 45 years, but the Richmond's Police Chief is not stopping there.

Chief Durham always says he wants to be transparent to the media and the community. So CBS 6 decided to hit the streets to find out what truly is concerning people of Richmond.

Rose Fountain from the city’s Northside wanted us to ask the chief, "What is he really doing about these guns?"

Durham said the new Guns 250 initiative will help wipe the streets clean of illegal firearms. Neighbors can text info to help officers find and confiscate guns.

"We’re looking to launch out with the Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers Guns 250. It's a tip line that people can remain anonymous and I think that's the most important it's the key to this initiative that folks can come and talk to the police.

If you know where illegal guns may be stashed and want them off of the streets you will be able to text 274-637 anonymously. You may be eligible for a $250 reward.

Antoinette Lee was concerned about teen crime. She asked, "What can we do as far as our juveniles to curb their delinquency and the troubles they're getting into?"

"We have truancy sweeps and we go out again we have dedicated officers in each precinct that during an hour or two of their duty, they go out and look for kids but you have to be mindful they're handling other assignments to," Durham responded.

Another Richmond resident, Ryan Avery said he wanted to know something personal about the Chief. He asked what’s his favorite donut shop.

That answer was easy for Durham.

"Last week I had a meeting and a gentleman comes in with two boxes of Sugar Shack Donuts and I'm like wow! 'That's for me' and he's like 'yeah try them.' I open them up and it's this one maple glaze with bacon, Oh My God! So Sugar Shack, maple glaze with bacon. That's my favorite donut!"

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