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‘One more ticket’ turns Mechanicsville man into instant millionaire

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MECHANICSVILLE, Va. — “Are you alright?” That’s what a 7-Eleven store manager asked Rob Amos after he saw the look on the Mechanicsville man’s face.

“I just won a million dollars!” Amos replied.

Amos won the $1 million prize playing the Virginia Lottery’s All About the Benjamins game at the 7-Eleven at 6689 Cold Harbor Road in Mechanicsville.

“It takes your breath away,” he said when the claimed his prize.

After Amos bought two tickets and won $10, he used the winnings to buy a third ticket, a lottery spokesperson said.

“Something inside me said this is going to be the one,” Amos recalled. “The third time was a charm.”

Instead of claiming the full $1 million prize over 30 years, Amos chose to take a one-time cash option of $537,393 before taxes.

Amos is the fifth person to win the top prize from an All About the Benjamins ticket.

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