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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Police just released video of a man wanted for a series of armed robberies at businesses along East Nine Mile Road in Henrico. The first robbery happened on January 29 at 2:20 in the afternoon.

In the video, a hooded man walked into a business along the 1800 block of East Nine Mile Road and pointed a gun at the clerk. The gunman is seen grabbing money from a cash box. Later that evening, the same man robbed another business, along the 5200 block of Nine Mile Road.

The gunman returned to the 1800 block of East Nine Mile Road on Saturday, February 6 to commit another robbery. During that robbery, the gunman waited behind a man in line, then cut in front of him, flashing his weapon.

"In each incident, witnesses and victims describe the suspect as a white male, between 30 to 40 years of age, approximately 5’10”, and having a medium build," police said. "The suspect displays a semi-automatic firearm and wears bulky clothing with a hood, mask, cap, and gloves."

Kevin Lewis, who lives in the apartment complex behind the store, said he arrived moments before the robbery happened.

"I was coming to the store to pick something up. I just seen all the cops and everything that was going on. I heard the place got robbed, so I mean happens all the time,” Lewis said. “So I really wasn't surprised that it happened."

Customers said the latest robbery has them worried.

"If he keeps going like this, he's going to hurt somebody,” concerned customer Paul Dowell said. “He's definitely brave, he's doesn't seem to be worried about it much. He comes day time night time. It doesn't matter."

Cindy Fenner, who also frequents the store, said she is worried about the employees.

"I think it's sad that people have to work under these conditions,” she said. “And I think it's sad for the customers having to worry about coming into a store and wonder if somebody's going to come in behind them and rob them."

Anyone with information was asked to call Henrico Police at 804-501-5000 or Detective Chris Kovach at 804-501-5587.