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LAS VEGAS -- A man and woman were arrested in Las Vegas for having sex in the High Roller Ferris Wheel. The man, Philip Panzica, had gone to Vegas with his fiancée in order to get married, but the fiancée was not the woman Panzica was with on the wheel.

When the couple arrived in Las Vegas, Panzica thought his soon-to-be wife was pregnant with another man's baby. So he decided took to the streets of Vegas in order to blow off steam.

"I was gambling. Won a little bit of money. Lost a little bit of money. Got some margaritas. Probably like four or five," he said.

It was then, Panzica met his partner in crime, 21-year-old Chloe Scordianos.

Ferris couple

"One thing led to another. She was there by herself," he said.

The new couple ended up going to the High Roller to get to know each other better. Witnesses saw the two going at it on the ride, according to court documents. Panzica said he didn't know people could see in.

"We get up to the highest point, and we were like... We're golden!" he said.

Security told the couple to stop, but the couple did not listen.

"We think it's like a recording, because they kept saying it over and over again," Panzica said.

Nearly 30 minutes later, the ride ended and police were waiting to arrest the pair.

"I was drunk as f---. I was running around naked acting like a little kid again," Panzica said.

After two nights behind bars, his fiancée came to bail him out of jail.