‘Group saved my life’ Richmond youth community gospel choir sings their way to salvation

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- Monica Lucas of Richmond said she heard a voice three years ago:

"Start a choir."

But not just any choir.

"God gave me specific instructions," she recalled. "He told me you need to have auditions that the young people will come to. He said you may have even have to go get them."

And so she did. Thus began Zion's Voice, a community choir and healing and growth ministry.

Members come from throughout RVA, more than a few of them from our tougher neighborhoods in the city.

"They sing through their struggles," Lucas said. "They use it as a vehicle for healing - healing themselves but also healing to other people."

As Timnekqua Shearin, who sings, works and helps take care of her mom, said "This group has literally saved my life. If I wouldn't have joined about three years ago, I don't know where I'd be."

They range from 13 to 24 years of age. They also tutor and help encourage one another.

And they have already traveled fairly widely - New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and North Carolina.

They were also a big hit at this past fall's Richmond Folk Festival.

We caught up with them Friday night concert at Jerusalem Baptist in Doswell.

Check out the video!

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