How military mom surprises Chesterfield family will make you smile

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A mother and Air National Guard sergeant shocked her Chesterfield family during a shopping trip after returning from an overseas deployment Saturday.

Technical Sergeant Sheneida Lee spent six months deployed to Kuwait and recently returned home, but kept it a secret from her mother and daughter.

“I have been telling them the whole time that I was delayed for 2 to 3 weeks so they wouldn`t be expecting me," Lee said.

Technical Sergeant Sheneida Lee

Technical Sergeant Sheneida Lee

With the secret planning of her newlywed husband, Eric, and father, Marrion, Lee unexpectedly showed up at the Colonial Heights Sam’s Club and surprised her family.

The emotional reunion was caught on cell phone video as customers and employees cheered.

“I just started running towards her and hugged her as tight as I could. Anything in my hands were gone,” Lee’s mother, Diane Curry, said.

Kayleh Veale, Lee’s daughter, was overjoyed.

“I’m very excited now that mom is back home safely," she cried.

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