Watch out ‘Patti Pies’: Aretha Franklin launching her own desserts

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The latest news about Aretha Franklin probably won’t do much to quell chatter that she has beef with Patti Labelle.

The Queen of Soul told Detroit’s Channel 4 that she is planning to launch her own food line which will include desserts. Her contemporary, LaBelle, made headlines over the holiday season after Walmart couldn’t keep her Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie on its shelves.

Franklin said she hadn’t tasted LaBelle’s dessert, “but Ms. Patti’s gonna have to move that pie to the side!”

The singer said she also plans to offer her own brand of chili, gumbo and baked chicken.

In 2014 there was talk that the two divas were on less than friendly terms after Franklin appeared to brush by LaBelle as she walked in to perform at the White House. Franklin later said that there was no tension between her and LaBelle.

But fans have long enjoyed the web series “Got2BReal” which satirizes the relationships between some of black music’s biggest stars. In it, Franklin and LaBelle are seen to be antagonistic towards each other with Franklin frequently referred to as “Hateretha.”