Can Nikki-Dee handle a shift at Mickey D’s?

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CHESTER, Va. -- For this week's Nikki-Dee Can You Be Me segment, Jon Pollard was so kind to invite me to work at McDonald’s. Yes, I know the joke, Nikki-Dee working at Mickey D's. When I first arrived, Mr. Pollard presented me with my uniform, a pink McDonald's polo complete with my name tag!

After putting on my McDonald's polo, I headed to the drive thru where I loved greeting customers and handing them their food. I think I enjoyed meeting everyone a little too much, because we suddenly had a long line. I had to speed things up.

Next, I got to make the famous french fries! It was so much fun, but I sure did want to snack!! You have to be quick and keep things moving. As you would expect, lunch is a busy time for McDonald's and EVERYONE wants fries.

Soon it was time to try to make a McCafe coffee. I will admit I was really nervous. I do not drink coffee, but it was extremely easy. They have simple instructions to insure every drink taste the exact same!

We did a quick clean up and then my shift was over.

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