Here’s why some people didn’t get mail after the snow storm

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Multiple viewers want to know why they haven’t received any mail, days after the big snowstorm that pummeled Virginia.

United States Postal Service representatives detailed for CBS 6 how the snow affected their mail routes this week.

The postal service made it clear that they got hammered by the storm as well. So much so, they had to suspend operations on Saturday due to the blizzard conditions.

Monday, they opened post offices around the area and have been trying to get caught up on deliveries..

Even then, postal reps said there were still big challenges ahead for carriers.

Snow and ice made delivery very slow.

When the carriers were able to get back on the road, they focused on areas with neighborhood streets and mailboxes that were safely accessible.

In a statement, a USPS rep said the safety of their mail carriers is also a top priority.

"Carriers are not allowed to attempt door delivery when there is a heavy buildup of snow and ice on sidewalks, steps or porches. They are not allowed to dismount for curbside mailboxes blocked by snow and ice buildup."

If you are not receiving your mail, the USPS wants to hear from you.

Customers should make direct contact with your postmaster or call consumer affairs.

That number is 800-275-8777.