Mom charged with attacking kindergarten teacher claims she blacked out

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The Richmond mother charged in an attack her son's teacher at Linwood Holton Elementary School in October appeared in court Friday. The results of Elishia Branch's mental evaluation were supposed to be heard at the hearing, but Branch's attorney said she had gone to the wrong location for her evaluation so it had to be rescheduled for next week.

After leaving the courtroom, Branch had no comment about the incident after which Branch was accused of assaulting her son's kindergarten teacher. Sources familiar with the attack, which happened inside the school, said Branch repeatedly slammed the teacher's head into the concrete floor.

Students did not witness the attack.

During Branch's last court appearance, prosecutors said she claimed she blacked out because of medication she was taking and did not recall the incident.

Results of Branch's mental evaluation should take a week after her test, the judge said. She must appear back in court Friday, February 5, with a letter proving she had undergone the evaluation.

Branch has been banned from the elementary school and from contacting the teacher.

Richmond Public Schools officials said the teacher was back teaching and in good spirits.

The judge told Branch if she did not show proof of her evaluation and attend her appointment, there would be consequences that could put her behind bars.