Richmond man and friends build nearly 7-foot-tall igloo over 3 days

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RICHMOND, Va. — After over a foot of snow hit some parts of Central Virginia, we’ve seen a lot of creativity by area residents. We’ve seen an 870-pound snowman named Boulder and even snow Slurpee’s become a trend.

One Richmond man also had a little trick up his sleeve and it took him three days to build.

Jeremy Newman said with the assistance of his girlfriend, Beth Kendall, and three other friends, they made a huge igloo that can fit four to six people inside.

The mechanical engineer said he and some friends came up with the idea after being snowed in on Saturday. He said he’s always wanted to build an igloo, but never tried.

After some troubleshooting, they figured out a good method to build the almost 7-foot-tall igloo. The ODU graduate said they made snow blocks using storage containers and lined them up in an igloo shape.

“It’s wasn’t too difficult,” Newman said. “The biggest thing was it took a long time.”

He said the project took about 20 hours over three days.

Newman and his girlfriend finally finished it Monday night.

The igloo with a cooler inside.

The igloo with a cooler inside.

“It was one of those things, you start on it, and you want to finish it. You don’t turn back. You have to finish it,” he said.

He said they’ve spent some time in there, admiring their work.

The igloo was even build with some accessories including some stools and a cooler inside, and a snow cat to watch guard and an ODU flag outside the structure.

Newman and some friends have tried to enjoy it while they can, because he knows it won’t last long with the sun back out.

“The roof is already getting thinner,” he added.

While he said the experience was a blast, it was probably one time only.

“It was fun, but probably once in a lifetime,” Newman said. “We’re not going to have all that free time again.”

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