Midlothian teen swims in snow after losing bet

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — “Just keep swimming — even if it’s not liquid water.” That was the advice 17-year-old Manchester High School student Sean Moon had after he swam in the snow outside his Midlothian home Saturday. Moon, who swims on his high school team, has redefined the term year-round swimmer.

“The snow was deep enough where I could push it with my arms,” Sean said. “But it was so cold, I was not even thinking about it.”

Moon said he swam in the snow after losing a bet to his kid sister. His punishment, the snow swimming.


Sean’s mother recorded the snow stunt for friends and family to see.

“They were all daring him to do it — I thought he was just going to jump in the snow. I did not think he would really swim,” mom Kathy Moon said. “We were all just laughing at him.”

While everyone seemed to enjoy watching Sean swim, the swimmer himself was not too thrilled.

“I would not do it again,” he said. “Afterwards I was shivering for 30 minutes.”

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