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Mothers rally against violence: Our sons can be taken at any time

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RICHMOND, Va. -- More than 200 people, many impacted by recent gun violence, filled the Richmond Christian Center on Sunday to rally for peace.

The Mother’s Against Gun Violence rally was originally scheduled to take place at Monroe Park, but was moved indoors because of inclement weather.

The mother of 12-year-old Amiya Moses, the young girl killed in December after being struck by a stray bullet, attended Sunday’s event to send a strong message to city and school leaders about escalating gun violence in the city of Richmond.

Mothers Rally Against Gun Violence

Mothers Rally Against Gun Violence

City Council President Michelle Mosby also addressed the crowd, emphasizing a need for leaders to examine black on black crime, poverty and education in the community.

Mosby said last year’s homicide rate, at 40 deaths, was alarming.

“The only way we’re going to save our communities. The only way we’re going to save our children is if we get to work,” Mosby said.

Several parents in attendance say they’d like to see conflict resolution taught in Virginia schools.