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Mom upset after she says school bus left daughter

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- A mother is detailing a number of problems she says her young daughter must deal with while riding the bus to school in Prince George County.

Since school started in September, Laura Waddell said five-year old daughter has had four different bus drivers.

Waddell said on more than one occasion, her kindergartener has come home with scratches, saying she had been kicked or had her hair pulled.

Laura Waddell

Laura Waddell

Then Thursday morning, Waddell said as the bus approached, parents who had been keeping their children warm in their cars, began getting the students out.

Waddell was still in the process of getting her daughter out of her car when she said the bus drove away.

"Every morning, and the bus driver knows, cause it's not just mine that sits in the car during the cold, it's four other kids," Waddell explained.

After Thursday morning's confusion, she is once again she was calling for answers

"We had done gone to the school board, we have gone to transportation, we have done everything that we can think of," Waddell said.

Prince George County School Bus

Prince George County School Bus

However, the school system said the problems on the bus have been dealt with in the past, including suspensions from the bus for up to ten days.

Dr. Patrick Bingham said school bus safety is a top priority for the county and that when issues are brought to their attention, they go straight to the onboard camera.

"The tapes don't lie as far as what we see on the bus" Bingham said.

Prince George County Police confirmed Waddell did contact them about an incident in October, but they advised her the situation needed to be handled by the school system.