Connecticut mom’s powerful Facebook post to her son’s bullies goes viral

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WEST HAVEN (WFSB) — What started out as a mother’s heartfelt plea, quickly turned into a Facebook post that has gone viral. A Connecticut mom took to social media to share her son’s story about how he has been bullied.

MaryAnn Parisi said her 6th grade son Michael was being made fun of during a school assembly on Monday.

She said she originally turned to Facebook to vent, but said by sharing his story, it just might get others to change their ways.

“I’m getting out Michael’s story. There’s millions like it. We’ve all been bullied at some point,” Parisi said.

Michael was born three months premature and he still deals with developmental delays, but that doesn’t define him.

“Michael has been teased his entire life, especially at school and enough is enough, not just for him but for everybody,” Parisi said.

His mother got a call from a teacher on Monday, letting her know children were calling Michael names and kicking his chair during an assembly at Carrigan Intermediate School.

To make matters worse, Michael told the teacher he was used to being bullied.

“I think what bothered me the most is that he was okay with it and he shouldn’t be. No one should, young, old, handicapped, color, race, religion, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s not okay,” Parisi said.

In her Facebook post, Parisi wrote in part: “To this day, his smile is the best thing ever. There is not one person he doesn’t like/love, including those who tormented him today. He forgives and honestly, he forgets too.”

The post has been shared over 1,000 times, and was picked up by news organizations and websites all over the world.

Parisi said she never imagined it would take off like this.

For those bullying her son or anyone else, she said “You don’t have to like him, but you do have to respect him…share, teach, and grow. Most importantly, respect those around you, you never know what they’ve been through.”