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Rock shatters drivers windshield while driving along I-95

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Evette Delvalle and Tasha Brown were driving north on  I-95 Thursday morning around 4 a.m. when something unexpected happened.

"Right when we passed Philip Morris, a rock came out of nowhere and hit the windshield," said Delvalle.

Delvalle said the cement rock shattered the window and came through the windshield, coming to a rest on her dashboard. She said it happened between mile marker 69 and 70.

When the rock came in, it was right in front of me, and it was the grace of God that it did not hit me," said Delvalle.

The two women called 911 and a State Trooper came to the scene to investigate. A spokesman with Virginia State Police said they are continuing to aggressively patrol the area.

However, what scares the two woman is not knowing where the rock came from. "No overpass, no construction, highway pretty quiet," said Tasha Brown.

When it happened, Brown said she instantly blocked herself.

"I put my arm up, I ducked in the seat," she said.

I95 rock 3

Delvalle was driving at the time and said shattered glass went all over her and she suffered an injury on her eye.

However, both said they are truly lucky, because the incident could have been much worse.

"I am very fortunate," said Delvalle, "I'm blessed that I'm still here."