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Jimmy Kimmel Live features Greg McQuade in bit about ‘hard knocking’ reporters

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RICHMOND, Va. — He is — by all accounts — one of Richmond’s finest storytellers. In a distinguished journalism career that has spanned three decades, CBS 6 reporter Greg McQuade has earned 21 Emmy Awards, 20 regional Edward R. Murrow Awards and four National Murrow Awards.

But this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, McQuade earned a new honor. He was included in a montage of television reporters doing their job, knocking on doors.

“It doesn’t happen much that a local reporter will get lucky, most of the time they have to traipse all over town knocking on doors trying to get any kind of anything from anyone involved in the story,” Kimmel said during the set-up to his joke. “Lately we’ve been keeping track of these and we put together this tribute, if you will, to all the hard knocking TV people out there.”

We tried to get a comment from McQuade about the honor, but he did not answer his office door when we knocked.

Bonus: If you fast-forward to the :55 mark, you will notice CBS 6 reporter Chelsea Rarrick working hard, knocking on doors too.