Lost dog reunited with owners after 3 years thanks to social media

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PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. — This is the story of a lost dog named “Mayhem,” or “May,” as her owners call her.

She’s a pure breed pit bull that went missing three years ago. Now, just before she was to be euthanized, an incredible cross-country journey has brought her back to her owners.

May has traveled from Missouri, and is now back in Arizona, thanks to one special Good Samaritan.

“It’s a miracle, luck, call it whatever you want, she’s got it,” Good Samaritan Linda Williams told KPHO.

A last minute scan at the shelter detected a chip and May’s neck andfound out her owners were in Arizona. Rescue One in Springfield, Missouri posted on Facebook that May had been found and needed to be returned to her owner in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Williams saw the post.

“I explained that I’d be in Springfield for the holidays and I’d bring her back if that was needed,” added Williams. Tuesday afternoon while waiting for May’s owner to arrive, Williams explained how she happened to be friends with a member of Rescue One and saw that May needed to be returned to her owners in Arizona.

Williams is originally from Missouri and was visiting family for the holidays. She says she was happy to help the Glossers get their dog back in Arizona.

“It’s really moving and remarkable to be able to play a part of that,” she added.

Richard Glosser arrived at the park with his wife and two small boys. The bond between May and her family was evident almost immediately.

“I can’t believe you remember us, it’s been so long,” said Glosser to his dog. “It’s heaven-sent, amazing the things that can come out of this world.”

Glosser couldn’t stop thanking Williams for bringing May to Arizona.

“We had given up hope that we would find her again and then all of a sudden I get a text, Facebook message and email that they were looking for me, and here we are!” said Glosser as he hugged and kissed his beloved dog.

The family brought May’s favorite bone with them and drove up to Prescott Valley where they say she can play with the kids and make up for lost time with the family.