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December 13: Warm this year, snowy in 2010

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Richmond, Va. -- December weather in Virginia is indeed quite variable.  It has been as cold as -2° (December 30, 1917) and as warm as 81° (December 6 & 7, 1998).  Many years have been snow-free, but a handful of Decembers have picked up over a foot of snow.

This year, Sunday, December 13th registered a high at Richmond International Airport of 72°, which is 21° above normal.


However, on the same date in 2010, Richmond picked up a little over one inch of snow as temperatures stayed in the 30s.

The years in between were more typical for this point in December:

  • 2011     56° and dry
  • 2010     52° and dry
  • 2013     48° and dry
  • 2014     55° and dry

The normal high for December 13 is 51°.