Robbers hit cemetery in Chesterfield hundreds of times

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CHESTER, Va. -- Chesterfield Police reports show over the course of a year, from June 2014 to November 2015, about 300 vases were stolen from Sunset Memorial cemetery in Chester.

CBS 6 drove to the cemetery to try to get more information from cemetery workers and get a better understanding of what happened but Sunset Memorial Park staff said they did not want to comment, and would not answer any questions.

Police confirmed with CBS 6 that there have been reports of grave robbers targeting Sunset Memorial Park. From June 2014 to November 2015, there are reports of nearly 300 vases being stolen.

CBS 6 Problem Solvers are still working to get a number of questions answered.

If you have a loved one buried in the Sunset Memorial cemetery on West Hundred Road, and you believe your family's vase has been stolen please reach out to CBS 6 Problem Solvers 804-254-3684.

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