Hilarious, but fake, Target Black Friday ads go viral

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Some fake Target Black Friday ads are offering outstanding deals – if you’re into falcons or a Chewbacca toilet bowl scrub brush.

The ads were created by Jeff Wysaki and posted to his Tumblr page. He also put the ads up at his local Target store.

Need 87 copies of Air Bud: Golden Retriever? Or maybe you can’t figure out what to get the hard-to-buy-for Centaur in your life? This ad has you covered.

And don’t forget – spend just $75 and you’ll get a falcon free. The most popular item probably won’t be the new tent with an angry possum.


(Courtesy: http://obviousplant.tumblr.com/)tumblr_ny9ab6lvdb1u53c30o5_540

(Courtesy: http://obviousplant.tumblr.com/)


(Courtesy: http://obviousplant.tumblr.com/) tumblr_ny9ab6lvdb1u53c30o3_540

(Courtesy: http://obviousplant.tumblr.com/) tumblr_ny9ab6lvdb1u53c30o2_540

(Courtesy: http://obviousplant.tumblr.com/) tumblr_ny9ab6lvdb1u53c30o1_540