Sen. Ted Cruz in Richmond on Paris attacks: ‘They intend to carry out similar attacks here’

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Like so many politicians, Friday's violent attacks in Paris was a main topic of conversation.

"Our prayers are with the families who are grieving," said U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz, who is currently a GOP candidate in the presidential race was in Richmond Saturday night for the Family Foundation Gala as a key speaker.

Beforehand, the senator was questioned about what he believed the United States should do as a response to the Paris terror attacks, especially regarding ISIS.

"A strong Commander in Chief would say the following: We are going to utterly destroy ISIS, we are not going to weaken them, we are not going to degrade them," said Cruz.

Cruz also went on to say that he believes ISIS intends for those kinds of attacks in Paris to come to the United States.

"They intend to carry out similar attacks here in the United States murdering innocent men and women," he said.

Senator Cruz also made it known that right now, he doesn't believe it's required to send in a significant U.S. ground presence.

"Americans have always been hesitant to use military power, it's always been the last step we use, we use every other tool first and only when we need to," said Cruz.

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