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Don’t be stupid with your Halloween costume choice, expert warns

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Halloween is almost here, and if you are like most Americans you want the perfect costume for your haunted party.  But Kristen Beskin, at Premiere Costume in Richmond, said don't be stupid with what you wear.

"Think of the other people around you," Beskin said.  "You are going to have a crappy time if you lose your job over playing a joke."

The list of costume choices Beskin suggested you avoid include:

  • Anything blackface
  • Dressing up like a terrorist
  • Dressing up like a known serial killer
  • Dressing up as someone from another race, including Native Americans

Ray Smith, manager at Spirit Halloween in Henrico, said ask yourself if your boss would want you to wear your costume.

"You should really check with your boss what the dress code is," Smith said.

One costume in his store Smith defended was the Caitlyn Jenner costume. Some transgender groups called the costume idea degrading.

"She is the new American icon," Smith countered.

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