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Police says more than 60 thefts from cars reported in Fan, Museum District

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A string of car break-ins have been reported in Richmond's Fan and Museum District neighborhoods.

Richmond police said it's an uptick in what they call a crime of opportunity, more than 60 cars have been broken into in the fan and museum districts within the last month.

Resident Laura Blaylock said she knows about the break-ins from experience.

"Most recently I left my car unlocked and they opened it up and pilfered through the glove box, took a few dollars and left," said Blaylock.

But that wasn’t the first time. She said her car was broken into twice.

Car breakins

"The time before that, they took a rock and threw it through a back window, took what they thought was a purse but it was my gym bag with sneakers."

Her neighbors on North Stafford Street also fell victim earlier this week.

Richmond police said over the past 28 days, more than 64 car break-ins have happened. Out of the 64, only nine were locked. Now, police is asking Richmonders to do their part.

"I call it being accountable. I'm accountable to the public but I also need the public to be accountable for locking the cars or putting valuables out of sight in the trunk. Even now I don't recommend that, I just say take it inside," said Lt. Michael Smith with Richmond Police.

Car Break-ins

That's exactly what Blaylock has started doing. She said she plans on taking things a step further in the future.

"Sometimes as neighbors we don't know each other so we don't know who belongs and who doesn't,” Said Blaylock. “I think it's important for me to get to know my neighbors."

Lt. Smith said it's a two way street. They're more than willing to help you, but you also have to help yourself by locking your car doors.