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Dominion will pay you for your old refrigerator

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RICHMOND, Va. -- If you are thinking about getting a new refrigerator, Dominion Power will take your old one off your hands for some cash.

The goal of Dominion's new appliance recycling program is to reduce energy usage and help customers lower their power bills.

The company wants you to buy newer, more energy-efficient models. That is something conservationists and Dominion Power's Bill Blackwell said will save consumers money.

"In the last 30 years, even the base model refrigerators are about 30 percent more efficient," Blackwell said.

As an incentive for you getting rid of your old fridge and getting a new Energy Star appliance, the company will pick it up from your home and pay you $50.

That is something Eloise Edwards said was a deal maker for her.

"I said well hey you know, we brought a new refrigerator lets go get us $50 for it," Edwards said. " Now we don't have to haul it to the landfill."

Edwards said another perk is the energy giant will do all the hard work for you.

"They will take out the parts that are worth recycling throw out the rest but they are going to take it somewhere and out it away properly, so all of that made us really happy," she said.

However, there are some qualifications you have to comply with before Dominion picks up your old fridge. It must be at least 10 years old, be 10 and 32 cubic feet in size, must still be in working condition and has to be emptied before crews come pick it up.

If you meet the qualifications, call Dominion at 844-685-7462.