Video shows woman trying to thwart thief by leaping onto moving car

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HOUSTON – Surveillance video captures a woman leaping onto a car in an effort to stop a thief in Houston.

Video captured from inside the KCOH radio station studios shows Jolanda Jones, who has her own radio show, running a quick errand inside when she spots a man getting out of a car in the parking lot.

She watches as he smashes out her car window and then reaches inside and grabs her purse and laptop. While all this is happening, Jones runs out and jumps onto the moving vehicle as it pulls away.

The car turned and ran over her foot, but that Jones didn't deter her.

Jolanda Jones

Jolanda Jones

“Then I jumped in my car, and I followed them except for I drive a Kia Sol, and it has no get up and go, so they got up and went," she said.

Jones realizes what she did was not the smartest move and is grateful only suffered minor injuries.

“Your life is worth more than your purse or your computer, but all I can say is there was no thinking. I did not think. I reacted,” she said. “I tried not to let people do bad things to people, including myself, and that's just what I did."

Jones hangs from the thief's moving car.

Jones hangs from the thief's moving car.

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