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Richmond SPCA to rescue SC flood dogs, bring them back to Richmond for adoption

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A transport team from the Richmond SPCA has headed to Greenville, South Carolina to help animal shelters impacted by recent flooding, Richmond SPCA spokeswoman Tabitha Treloar said.

"Thanks to 33 wonderful adoptions over the weekend, we have space in our humane center to provide relief to shelters in South Carolina affected by flooding after Hurricane Joaquin," the Richmond SPCA posted on its Facebook page. "We are sending a team to Greenville, South Carolina to transfer dogs into our care, bringing them a big step closer to finding loving and lasting homes."

While there is no exact total regarding pet loss from Hurricane Joaquin that hit South Carolina, the Richmond SPCA is doing its part to keep that number down.

"We will be mostly taking dogs that are in South Carolina shelters to ensure they do not get euthanized in order to open up space for displaced flood victims," said Richmond SPCA CEO Robin Starr.

Monday morning members of the Richmond SPCA loaded up a pair of vans bound for Greenville, South Carolina. The group will pick up about 30 dogs, and help them find new homes in Richmond.

Alicia Kurz, Katherine Finch, Clarissa Davis and Eireane Slagle

Alicia Kurz, Katherine Finch, Clarissa Davis and Eireane Slagle

“We will do a veterinary work up for them.  The ones that need spayed and neutering will be spayed and neutered, the ones that need medical care will receive it. So some of them could be ready for adoption within a few days," said Starr.

Richmond SPCA is the only animal welfare organization in central Virginia participating in the rescue coordinated by The Human Society of the United States. For Starr this work is extremely important. She states, "it is lifesaving really in two ways with respect to the animals that we will be taking and respect to animals that need to have a place to come in.”

Alicia Kurz, Katherine Finch, Clarissa Davis and Eireane Slagle and scheduled to return back to Richmond Tuesday with dogs that could soon be put up for adoption.

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