Nothing found after VCU alerts students to ‘possible armed subject’ on campus

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Belvidere and Grace Streets (PHOTO: Jon Burkett)

RICHMOND, Va. — VCU sent an alert to students and staff Friday morning about a “possible armed subject” on campus located in downtown Richmond. The alert specified the areas of Oregon Hill and the intersection of Belvidere and Grace Streets. After an hour-long search however, nothing suspicious was found.

“The Richmond and VCU Police Departments received reports of an armed subject off campus, standing on the 2nd Street overpass with what appeared to be a rifle. Two independent sightings described the subject as a male wearing a green shirt, jacket, and a square military style cap, with a black backpack,” a VCU spokesperson posted online. “No further description was provided at the time of the sightings. The subject was last seen walking east on West Grace Street from Belvidere Street away from the Monroe Park campus. The Richmond, VCU and State Police have searched the area but did not locate the individual and were not able to confirm the information. Since the initial reports, police have received no additional information. Please resume normal activity, and please report any suspicious activity to police.”