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Security guard buys woman’s groceries after in-store purse snatching

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A South Richmond woman needs your help after she said her purse and wallet were stolen from a Food Lion off Jefferson Davis Highway Saturday. Charlotte Clatterbaugh said she was reaching for items when her purse was taken. But it is what she said happened next that was remarkable: the store’s security guard offered to buy all her groceries and the store manager even drove her home.

Clatterbaugh said the stories of how people are helped after they are hurt are often untold.

"He was like, ‘You didn't get what you came up here for,’” she said. “And he told me to go get what I needed to get and he paid for it. He was really nice.”

Charlotte said she had about $40 in her purse, a cellphone, and a prescription for a prosthetic foot. She said she hoped security footage would help lead to the thief's arrest.