Court asked to deny majority of Jesse Matthew’s 12 defense motions

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Two weeks after Jesse Matthew’s defense team filed motions in his capital murder case the Commonwealth responded.

Commonwealth Attorney Denise Lunsford took issue in whole or part with each of the dozen motions Matthew’s attorneys filed, citing that they were “too broad” or “beyond what the law calls for.”

The defense is trying to ban tokens or insignias in the courtroom.  Lunsford acknowledges that “HG” pins have been worn by her and others in honor of Hannah Graham, who the state says Matthew killed last year.

Lunsford continues to push to have the pins and ribbons which honor other victims in the courtroom.

The state is also trying to prevent having to submit the 10 particulars it would use at sentencing.

Additionally, they are arguing it needs to be present when the defense intends to examine evidence.

The Commonwealth is also fighting to be permitted to speak to the media on questions that do not get in the way of a fair trial.

The court will hear these motions Thursday at 1:30 p.m., in Albemarle County.

Matthew goes on trial for the death of the second year U.Va.student on July 5, 2016.