Wife’s surprise baby news brings Richmond tattoo artist to tears

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RICHMOND, Va. -- He is six-foot-four, weighs about 240 pounds and rides a motorcycle. By all accounts, Richmond tattoo artist Charles Berger is a tough guy. But he did not stand a chance Monday when his wife showed up in the kitchen with surprise baby news.

Charles knew Nikki was pregnant, but with two girls already, assumed he was destined for a third beautiful daughter. Nikki said her doctor called earlier that Monday with the results of a blood test that showed the Bergers bucked the family trend and were going to have a boy.

"I started crying immediately," Nikki said. "I wanted to call my husband, but figured I'd rather want to see his reaction in person." With the help of family and close friends, she devised a plan to surprise her husband, record his reaction and share it on social media. "I bought a onesie that said 'The Perfect Gentlemen' on it, put it in a gift bag and brought it home," Nikki said.

She handed the gift bag to her daughter who then presented it to her daddy.

"You're such a hard working man and I love you so much, we wanted to say thank you for all that you do for us," Nikki said at the beginning of the  clip. "What?" Charles replied. "Can you please just open it?" Nikki countered. "Why? I don't want gifts," Charles protested. "I don't need gifts. You guys are my gift enough. I'm trying to do the dishes here." "Just open it," Nikki pleaded. "Tell me what you think."

Charles looked into the gift bag and then at his wife. He pulled out the onesie and began to cry. Charles Burger baby news

"What does it say?" Nikki asked with an audible smile. "The Perfect Gentlemen," Charles said through tears. "What does that mean?" Nikki asked.

Charles did not answer, instead he chose to hug his wife. The Bergers first son, Matthew Graham is due early next year.

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