Mother’s Miracle: Woman returns home after tree crushes her car

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STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. -- Kara Smith and her boyfriend Gage Ford were seriously injured when a tree fell on their car on Route 218 in King George County, trapping the couple inside. Police said they were shocked anyone could survive the horrible accident, but both Smith and Ford did. Kara Smith is now able to walk into her Stafford home for the first time in nearly three weeks. 

"I'm excited to be home but nervous too because you can't push a button like you can at the hospital."

Smith said it's a miracle that she's able to tell her story after cheating death on July 3. 

"I used to think trees covering the road were pretty, but not so much anymore."

King George tree on car 09

Smith said she was driving her boyfriend to meet up with friends for dinner, but doesn’t remember anything after that.

"Next thing I know I was in the hospital," she said.

Smith received 27 stitches across her forehead along with a shattered wrist and serious injuries to her shoulder and spine. Her boyfriend of six years, Gage Ford was unconscious and suffering from head trauma. He's still hospitalized in a medically induced coma.

Kara Smith and Gage Ford

Kara Smith and Gage Ford

"I've known him since he was four, we went to church together," Smith said.

Both Smith and Ford have long recoveries ahead.

"I got to get back to work and make some money. I have a kid to take care of and you can't do that sitting around."

Smith said she takes their survival as a sign that she's in a relationship that can't be broken. She said they've already been through the worst.

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