Police: suspect in Henrico “upskirting” took photos of more than one victim

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HENRICO, Va -- Police sources tell me there have been at least three so-called “upskirting” episodes at a western Henrico 7-11, including one on Wednesday night.

During that incident,  Henrico police said they witnessed Stephen Ryan Lewis using his recording device on a grown woman, which they said is different from last month when they said it was a young girl.

Worker at the 7-11 said Wednesday’s arrest happened fast:  At 5:30 in the afternoon, a woman walked to the counter, to pay for her items.  They said that’s when police, inside the western Henrico store told Lewis to stop what he was doing.

The 28-year-old was arrested for upskirting or unlawfully creating pictures, and police said it's not the first time. They're investigating at least two other incidents that involve younger girls, sources said, under the age of 13.

Stephen Ryan Lewis

Stephen Ryan Lewis

"They always charge with warrant to pick him up when they can, but often will charge other crimes later on down the road," said CBS-6 legal expert Todd Stone.

Lewis lives and works at a church retreat right down the road. "We are shocked and appalled as everyone else is," said Cass Lawrence, Executive Director of the Episcopal Retreat.

"He worked at our front desk, greeted guests and gave out keys to rooms. We never had any issues,” Lawrence said, adding they did a reference check before hiring him.  “Ryan has worked for us for three years and it was a shock.  We are cooperating with police."

Police sources said the evidence recovered includes more photos of more victims. They're asking if you were at Ridge Road 7-11 recently and saw Lewis, to call them with the date and time.

A 7-11 clerk told CBS 6 Lewis did not use a phone but had rigged up another recording device, where he didn’t even have to bend down. That won’t be lost on investigators.

"If the evidence is that it wasn't a cell phone, but some other device, prosecutors will argue that the level of sophistication was an intentional act and should be punished more severely," said Stone.

Lewis is on unpaid leave from his church job pending the investigation.  Late Thursday, he was still in Henrico County Jail with no bond.

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