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‘Lucky Penny’ expected to make full recovery, leave shelter soon

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RICHMOND, Va --Lucky Penny’s journey over the last five days at Richmond Animal Care and Control is one that those who worked on her will never forget.

"I mean who gets hit by a train and lives?" said Christine Peters,  Director of Richmond Animal Care and Control.

The 15-month old dog who needed emergency surgery to amputate a back leg and part of her tail after she was hit by a train is now expected to make a full recovery. In addition, Lucky Penny will be checked out of the shelter next week.

"We've been very very happy," Peters said. "She’s very fortunate; an amputation surgery, it sounds horrific but they heal beautifully from it."

Lucky Penny will be up for adoption soon if no one claims her.

Lucky Penny will be up for adoption soon if no one claims her.

Lucky Penny has received an enormous amount of support from all over the country. Donations for her $4,000 surgery currently stand at $3,200.

If her owners don't come in and claim her by Saturday, there are already eight applications in to adopt Lucky Penny.

"We are accepting applications until Sunday so if people are still interested they can submit," said Peters. "Then on Sunday we will do a behavioral assessment on her and make sure we can pair her with the best family."

Peters said Lucky Penny's story will end happily somewhere; she will also serve as an example to help other pets like her.

"We have more than a hundred dogs in our shelter right now that are as nice as Penny that don't have the fantastic sensational story, nevertheless need forever homes," Peters said. "So I would like to encourage anyone that's watching and listening  please come and see us."

Richmond Animal Care and Control  said that after Lucky Penny is spayed she will have a perfectly fine live and still be able to romp around and play with dogs.

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