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Dad wants rental company to fix ‘feces-infested’ Hanover apartment

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HANOVER, Va. -- A CBS 6 viewer from Hanover contacted the station, upset that he still had what he said is feces in his apartment. The apartment company acknowledged there was a sewage leak.

The dad says that the sewage leak forced him and his 11-month old baby boy to relocate four days ago. The management company said the backup was caused by items such as paper towels and diapers being clogged in the pipe.

The sign on the way into Chickahominy Bluff apartments boasts that it’s the “Community of the Year.”

But Deavonte' Bell said he doesn’t have any praise for how the property managers have handled the sewer back up that left raw sewage floating through his apartment.

“There were feces in the sink,” he said “That's washed out now, but the tub still has feces in it, this is ridiculous.”

Bell is fuming that four days have gone by and his entire apartment hasn't been professionally cleaned. He says his family's items are ruined and the clothes and items infested with feces.

“It's all wet and was placed on my kitchen table,” Bell said. “In four days they only thing they've done is they've taken up the carpet and padding and the baseboards.”

Bell says he has gotten no definitive answers from Grady Management, who we asked when they plan to clean up Bell’s apartment.

On Wednesday CBS 6 contacted Grady Management's Vice President of Rentals, Brian Alford, who said they were working to fix the apartment after the sewer leak, but he couldn't give a specific timetable. On Thursday Alford said "the blockage was cleared and the drainage pipe is fully functioning properly."

He said they offered to let Bell rent another unit in a different property.

They also will let Bell out of his lease at Chickahominy Bluff, with a deposit refund and no penalties.

But Bell said he wants to stay and just get this mess cleaned up as soon as possible, including his daughter’s belongings that he said are ruined.

On Thursday Alford also sent a statement:

Management addressed the initial back up at the time of the event and has continued to and will continue to address until the situation is completely resolved. We will continue to communicate clearly with the resident through the entire repair process.  This is an unforeseen unfortunate event that we will deal with in a fashion to return the home to its proper condition as quickly as possible.

A representative at the Hanover Health Department's Environmental unit said they are looking into this sewer back-up problem and have contacted Grady Management.

She says they will ask the company to show documentation that they have fully repaired the sewer problem.

Meanwhile Bell, who has no renters insurance, will try to stay with relatives and friends.

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