New Richmond recycling bins roll out

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RICHMOND, Va. -- If you live in Richmond you might get a special delivery from the city over the next few weeks - new recycling bins.

That's because the city is continuing its cart recycling roll out.

It started in January 2015 with 5,700 carts delivered to select neighborhoods with back-alley collection, according to the website

Now the city expects to distribute 57,000 of the new 95-gallon recycling bins.

You can find out when you could get your new recycling bin here.

Make sure to check out the fact sheet. 


You can start using it once you get it and your recycling day doesn't change.

The bins are being provided to residents "as part of a grant for a first-of-its-kind private/public recycling agreement with The Recycling Partnership,"  the Department of Public Works website said.

The website also said Richmond is one of only four cities in the southeast to receive grant money.


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