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Police officer ‘schooled’ while patroling Richmond neighborhood

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The Richmond Police Department posted a new video on its Facebook page that showed an officer playing a game of pickup basketball with a child in the area he patrols. First Precinct Officer Joachin Okonkwo was actually on patrol when he stopped for a quick game of one on one.

As you can see from the video, Okonkwo came out on the wrong end of the match-up. The youngster showed off his skill in a quick game to three.

"First Precinct Officer Joachin Okonkwo was seen playing basketball, or rather being schooled, by a young player during a routine patrol in his sector," Richmond Police wrote on its Facebook post. "The boy shows impressive skills while Officer Okonkwo looks a bit rusty on the court (or maybe it's all the gear the officer is wearing). Thankfully, Officer Okonkwo is a much better police officer than he is a basketball player!"

Police are using the video as a way to help the officer organize a youth basketball tournament for youngsters in public housing in the first precinct. Richmond police officers will serve as coaches and players.